Content is king

I talk to clients all the time who know that content is important for their website and social media channels. But they’re not sure where to find suitable content or how often it ought to be changed. Here are three tips to follow:

First, video is the digital commodity to have these days. And it doesn’t have to be expert-quality. But it shouldn’t be a home movie either. Any smart phone is all you really need. Make the message count. Whether it’s entertaining or informative, make those 30- to 60-seconds count. Teach your customers something about your business that they may not have known before. Do you have employees of the month you can ask to give a testimonial about what it’s like to work at your company? Do you have a customer who would “endorse” you.

Second, still photography is a great way to capture a sense of you and your company’s personality. Don’t be afraid to be whimsical but don’t shy away from using photography to tell a story, either.  Does your company participate in community activities? Capture these moments and share them. Don’t be shy about telling your customers what you believe in and what you do to support the cause.  Again, most smart phones have a high-enough quality camera to get the job done.

Last, a carefully crafted paragraph is worth its weight in gold. Describe your expertise, your special of the week, or how about a tip about how your customers can either save money or make money using your product or service. Be concise, be precise and strive to motivate.

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