Clear the clutter, clear the mind

Spring is the typical time of year to clean closets, kitchen cabinets and bedroom dressers.  But there’s nothing like the summertime neighborhood garage sale to get you thinking seriously about simplifying your life by taking that first step – de-cluttering.  As difficult as parting with certain items can be, it’s refreshing to let go of some things.

It can be a fresh start. Clears your mind of debris; refocuses your energy on what matters.

How many T-shirts does one person really need?

What about the old lawn furniture that’s been in shoved to the back of the garage for two years? Isn’t it time to let someone else get some good from that? Does it really matter what you get for it?

And you replaced you’re printer 6 months ago. What organization would benefit from your old one?

Do you have a home office that needs attention? How about your office at work? It may be a good time to clear the book shelves and clutter.

The point is that having less stuff can be a good thing. In fact, it can be a very good thing. Most of us spend the early part of our adult lives collecting. You’ve been educated and trained to collect material things. These items are your reward for hard work and long hours.

But as we mature, we need fewer items. We would do well to spend the second half of our adult lives de-cluttering. In fact, what many of us long for is more time not things.

While the months are warm and it’s a bit easier to sort the keep pile from the storage pile from the giveaway pile, take time to de-clutter.

It clears more than your closet. It clears your mind.

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