Lists are good

I’m definitely a list person. In fact, I think most of my family members are list people. I’m not completely sure about my 14-year-old son yet. But I am certain that my 10-year-old-daughter is a list person. (I have proof).

For list people, it’s difficult to stay on point without first making a list, even if it’s a mental list. That’s generally how I operate. I might not have taken the time to put pen to paper, but I operate best from a list.

I think about my list throughout the day but I’m particularly focused on the list as the day wears down and I settle in for the night. I admit that sometimes, when I haven’t been making the progress I think I should, the list keeps me up at night.

Here are four reasons why lists are good:

  1. They help prioritize.
  2. They keep you on task.
  3. You’ll accomplish your work sooner.
  4. You’ll stay motivated to get to the next item.

For list people, nothing is quite as satisfying as “crossing off the list.”

My daughter knows I use lists. I carry notebooks of paper at all times, and she’s used them too. When she was 7, I realized for the first time how much of my own obsession had taken hold. I was at dinner with a business client and I pulled out my notebook. I flipped through pages looking for a blank one and found this note scrawled in a child’s handwriting: “We need a plan for my birthday.”

Like I said, lists will keep you focused. Take time to make a list, and I guarantee you’ll get more done.

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