Update your life list

My daughter leaves lists lying around the house. I found one the other day. It reminded me that we all have our “life” to-do list. It also reminded me that those lists evolve over time. Yesterday’s goals may not apply today. And once you’ve accomplished one task, you will certainly want to cross off that item and add another.

When I was a freshman high school, I thought I wanted to be an accountant. My mother was a bookkeeper for a number of companies and I learned to appreciate her precision of numbers. She’s the only person I’ve ever known who actually enjoyed finding the last penny in their checkbook.

She was constantly making it all add up.

By the time I was a sophomore I was pretty sure that my calling had more to do with words than numbers. After being a writer and editor, I moved on to administration, marketing & communications. Years later, I’m refocusing, recalibrating once more.

My daughter, who is 10, wrote this list. Notice the tasks seem progressively more challenging. It’s a good reminder that goals should stretch us.

“Things I will do Before I turn 18”

1)   Read all the Hunger Games series

2)   Watch the Hunger Games

3)   Write a book and finish it!

4)   Become the youngest/best writer ever

5)   Write 16 books by my 16th birthday

Take a look at what’s on your list. It may be time for an update.



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