Content is king

I talk to clients all the time who know that content is important for their website and social media channels. But they’re not sure where to find suitable content or how often it ought to be changed. Here are three tips to follow: First, video is the digital commodity to […]

Clear the clutter, clear the mind

Spring is the typical time of year to clean closets, kitchen cabinets and bedroom dressers.  But there’s nothing like the summertime neighborhood garage sale to get you thinking seriously about simplifying your life by taking that first step – de-cluttering.  As difficult as parting with certain items can be, it’s […]

Lists are good

I’m definitely a list person. In fact, I think most of my family members are list people. I’m not completely sure about my 14-year-old son yet. But I am certain that my 10-year-old-daughter is a list person. (I have proof). For list people, it’s difficult to stay on point without […]

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