Business Strategies

  • Expense management
  • Organizational structures
  • P&L analysis
  • Unraveling complicated portfolios
  • Deliverable ROI

Editorial Strategies

  • Content development
  • Alternative story forms
  • Organizational structure
  • Benchmarking costs to industry standards

Web Strategies

  • Thorough content review
  • Building audience
  • Multimedia assets
  • How to use social media effectively

Custom Publishing

  • Specializing in niche products
  • Sales material and strategy
  • We do the writing
  • We do the photography
  • We do the layout and design


SMOJOSThe JMetzger Group has an entire team of SMOJOS (Social Media Online Journalists). We are a team of media professionals with backgrounds in digital news, television, radio, print and online media. Our specialty is in creating rich, high-impact content for websites and social media channels. This high-quality video, writing and production can also be used in commercial television, company films and other applications.

We offer top-grade video news-style coverage, sidebar interviews, text, still photography and videography. Combined, these elements provide content to the client that can be re-purposed and repackaged. This digital communications package gives you turnkey content that will enhance your website presence and social media fan base. The result will increase your search engine optimization, drawing more of the key audience to your target.

Package A

  • social media consultation
  • 1 full-length web video
  • 3 snap videos
  • 4 web stories
  • Extended photo album

Package B

  • social media consultation
  • 4 snap videos
  • 4 web stories
  • Extended photo album

Package C

  • social media consultation
  • 2 snap videos
  • 3 web stories

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