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    We Tell Stories

    Find out more about Frankie and Katie, a mother and daughter saved by Meridian Health Services.

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    We Cover Events

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    We Create Magazines

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Business Strategies

  • Expense management
  • Organizational structures
  • P&L analysis
  • Unraveling complicated portfolios
  • Deliverable ROI

Editorial Strategies

  • Content development
  • Alternative story forms
  • Organizational structure
  • Benchmarking costs to industry standards

Web Strategies

  • Thorough content review
  • Building audience
  • Multimedia assets
  • How to use social media effectively

Custom Publishing

  • Specializing in niche products
  • Sales material and strategy
  • We do the writing
  • We do the photography
  • We do the layout and design

The JMG Team

Juli Metzger
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Juli Metzger // Principal

Juli Metzger is co-owner of the JMetzger Group. A 30-year journalist as a reporter, editor and publisher prepared her to teach college students about writing, editing and being entrepreneurial. Juli’s expertise is wide-ranging. At JMG, her role is in client acquisition and customer satisfaction. She’s also one of the agency’s primary writers and content producers.

Eddie Metzger

Eddie Metzger // Content Specialist

Eddie Metzger works with clients to set goals, objectives, strategies and tactics – GOST. With those in place, JMG can get a clear idea about how to move the analytics needle, driving results based on a client’s customized objectives.

Tim Underhill
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Tim Underhill // Videographer

Tim Underhill is a former broadcast videographer turned college instructor. He’s a member of the National Press Photographers Association and is on faculty with the NPPA News Video workshop each spring in Norman, Oklahoma. He’s also a licensed drone pilot and knows his way around most any camera you hand him. He’s a gifted storyteller and one of our go-to experts at JMG. Tim also is a 35-year volunteer with Boy Scouts of America.

John Strauss
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John Strauss // Writer

John Strauss is strategist and cross-platform content producer. The former journalist worked in radio, print and broadcast. These days he is a digital audience growth editor for one of the largest nonprofits in the Midwest. By day, he uses analytics to drive decision making on digital ad buys and public relations campaign messaging. He brings that expertise to JMG and is a gifted digital storyteller in mobile video and audio production. He’s also a licensed drone pilot and subs as the anchor and producer for Morning Edition on Indiana Public Radio.

Doug Gruse

Doug Gruse // Content Specialist

Doug Gruse leads a marketing and communications department for a women’s college in upstate New York. Doug is an expert in digital content, writing and design. Besides his storytelling expertise, he is extraordinary at organizational issues and project management.

Jeff Morehead

Jeff Morehead // Photojournalist

Jeff Morehead is an expert photojournalist. Jeff’s expertise lies in what he calls “making pictures.” His eye is drawn to the extraordinary when telling the story of the mundane. He’s an expert storyteller.

Tammy Pearson

Tammy Pearson // Journalist, Writer, Designer

Tammy Pearson is a former journalist and an award-winning writer and designer, Tammy is an expert in messaging, particularly for nonprofits. She understands audience and content and the importance of design to make a story or an advertising campaign work effectively.

John Metzger

John Metzger // Principal

John Metzger is JMG co-owner and an expert in design and post-production assembly. John’s depth of knowledge in post work makes his expertise particularly vital when we work with printers on behalf of our clients. John understands community storytelling and can write, edit and take photos. With 30 years experience in marketing and advertising, he also understands sales and ad placement when we’re called on for that work. He’s the guy who gets the work out on time and on budget.

Kurt Hostetler

Kurt Hostetler // Photojournalist

Kurt Hostetler is an expert in lighting and composition. A former photojournalist, Kurt’s work at JMG lies mostly in still photography. His environmental portraits, portraitures and event photography bring a depth of storytelling to our clients.

Adam Sturm
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Adam Sturm // Photo & Video

Adam Sturm is a graphic designer and videographer for Indiana Homeland Security. At JMG, he is our website expert and onsite videographer for events and public relations messaging. He puts people at ease when they’re in front of a camera and can work wonders in the editing room.

Heather Hunt

Heather Hunt // Visual Artist

Heather Hunt is a visual artist. Her lighting and composition bring an expert touch to live events. She puts subjects at ease when filming and captures the essence of the moment. Her skill extends to post production work, and is agile at the cutting-room floor, bringing crisp, timely and understandable videography to life.

Michelle Kinsey

Michelle Kinsey // Journalist

Michelle Kinsey is a former journalist, and expert writer and researcher, particularly in the area of the arts and nonprofits. She’s a community connector with Indiana Public Radio and she makes interviewing look easy. She’s adept at social media and knows how to have fun with it and still lift client brand and expertise.

Brenda Morehead

Brenda Morehead // Writer and Photographer

Brenda Morehead is a gifted writer and photographer. Her expertise in the nonprofit world, particularly in grant writing, makes her uniquely qualified to work with the kinds of clients who come to JMG. An expert researcher, Brenda understands audience and messaging. She provides standout work every time.

Courtney Thomas

Courtney Thomas // Photo Editor and Event Specialist

Courtney Thomas is the JMG photo editor and event specialist, posting to social media in real time. JMG understands capitalizing on the moment and when events are involved, our work is written, shot and edited and delivered in time so the client fully benefits from high-level and immediate exposure.

Some of our Clients who love being with us!

  • Meridian Health Services
  • Ontario Systems
  • Project Leadership
  • Fishers (Indiana) Chamber of Commerce
  • New Castle Henry County (Indiana) Chamber of Commerce
  • Henry County Hospital (Indiana)
  • Case Home Remodeling, Carmel (Indiana)
  • Muncie Power Products
  • Marion (Indiana) High School


Hank Milius, President and CEO, Meridian Health Services

Meridian Health Services has a limited marketing budget so we’re always looking to leverage our existing signature events. We need to educate as many people as possible of our mission and programs. SMOJOS helped us take an existing event and showcase it in a whole new way to largely new audiences via social media.The content was crisp, clean and professional, but most importantly, it was immediate and relevant. Not only did the content work in the short term but we own it and are able to re-purpose it for use on our website and other platforms.

Ricci Atchison, PR/Marketing Director, Henry County Hospital, New Castle, IN

What a great asset. The New Castle-Henry County Chamber Magazine highlights so many great things we have going on and does it beautifully in both style and prose. I can’t wait to see the next issue.

Beth Clark, Director of Marketing, Meridian Health Services

The JMetzger Group understands the media landscape and has been able to create content that our audiences enjoy. By choosing to be in JMG’s publications, we not only know we’ll be seen, we know we’re in good company, too. And, consequently, Meridian gets great exposure to the right people.

Jay Julian, President and CEO, Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

We wanted to increase our presence in the social media space but were uncertain on how to best get there. smojos showed us a way to better utilize Twitter and Facebook. Our followers and “likes” increased immediately. We have the content, including stories, photos and videos that we can reuse throughout the year. One of the best features of the smojos work was that the content was provided within hours of the event and they updated Facebook and posted to Twitter throughout the evening. They provided a great solution to us.

Greg Zirkle, Marketing Director, Citizens State Bank, New Castle, IN

We have been extremely satisfied working with The JMetzger Group over the past several months. They approached us with an excellent vision for the new chamber magazine in our Henry County market, and we gladly took a leadership position in the publication. John provided customer service personally and delivered on every promise. The graphic quality, writing quality, and production quality of the publication were all exemplary. We will definitely continue our relationship with The JMetzger Group!



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